Hi everyone! I'm Tish, in southern California. I'm so glad to have found this Web site.

I'm a life-long Episcopalian, but visit other churches, like Calvary Chapel, here in town.

I answered an altar call a long time ago, when The Cross and the Switchblade came out. I have rededicated my life a few times over the years since then.

I investigated some other Christian forums, and chose this one because of the sense of camaderie here. Everyone seems to like each other and get along pretty well.

I enjoy reading, especially mysteries, and also read Christian books.

I would like to thank the moderators for approving my application. I filled it out at work, so it was done quickly, and I could have done a better job if I'd been at home taking my time, but they approved me anyway, and I appreciate it.

I'm looking forward to "meeting" everyone and getting to know the community better.

Dean, you're a hoot.

I'll be looking in the different forums and reading more posts over the next few days.
Hi Tish. Welcome. I love reading too. Sometimes I have more than one book on the go at a time. One in my office, one in the living room, and one beside the bed. Hope you enjoy the forum. God B less.
Hi Trish. Welcome to CFS. I'm a writer (among other things), so people who love reading are always my friends :)


Welcome Trish, we are glad you found us. I love reading too, mostly old books like the Bible, Balzac, Dumas, all those old French guys.
Welcome to the forum. :)

My ex wife lives in California now.
You might know her.
Short… skinny… has a tan.
Have you seen her? :D
It's possible that I have Dean! :)

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

I am having computer problems at home, so will be delayed in making posts. I will let you all know when it is repaired.
Actually I just came home for lunch,,gave it another try, and it booted right up. Before, it was saying that it couldn't start, should it check files, reload the computer, etc., and I had no idea what to do.
If it is asking to run a scan disk, or check the file integrity, that is usually due to an improper shutdown.
Like a hard boot or a power loss.
Do you have your PC on a battery backup?

In either case, you did the right thing by letting it scan, and a re-boot is always my first advice when having any sort of problems.

If you have any more problems, let us know..

We have quite a few experienced people here who are more than happy to assist!

(Betcha didn't know you get free tech support with every membership to CFS!) :D
I just tried again, and it seems to be working ok. Maybe it was the way i was holding my mouth. Thank you for your kind offer, Ride, if I have any more problems I'll let you know.
ok, thanks, that could have been it. I was checking cords and stuff, too. It's plugged in to a power strip almost all the time, so it was getting power.

if it happens again, I'll let it run through its paces, like you suggest.
Reading of your computer problems, and those of others, I realise how much I love to read a book:D

You only have to open it and what you want is there.
Jeananne I saw your earlier post about liking to read and was going to comment on it, then got sidetracked by the computer problems. What are you reading right now?
Apart from doing an in depth study for my message at Church on The Day of Atonement and "Alive in Christ" by Charles Price, I am relaxing with The Doomsday Prophecy by Scott Mariani and 7th Heaven (nothing to do with theology) by James Patterson.

Have you read any of Gervase Phinn's books about his life as a Teacher here in the UK. I have just finished "Don't Tell the Teacher", a small book of his poems. I'm not sure about copyright laws or I would quote you one.

I have read most of his books, and they are great for a quiet laugh.

God Bless.,
No, I haven't heard of Gervaise Phinn. I'll keep an eye open for his books.

I'm working my way very slowly, little by little, through Randy Alcorn's book Heaven.

I'm very familiar with James Patterson. Is 7th Heaven one of the Alex Delaware books, or the club of women detectives? I used to read everything he wrote, but he seems to be getting more and more violent, and the last one I read I decided I didn't care for him so much anymore. I read to escape, not to have certain things brought to me that I'd rather not think about.

I just finished the third book of Terri Blackstock's Restoration series. I started the fourth one and thought I ought to take a break. So I've started On What Grounds by Cleo Coyle. It's a series of mysteries taking place in an upper-scale coffee shop. So far so good, nothing too nasty yet. More of a cozy. (I do enjoy my mysteries. :D)
I have returned 7th Heaven, but I think the hero was Alex Cross. Despite what people say about Archer, I enjoy his books, and am reading "The Fourth Estate" now. A cleverly crafted book about the newspaper industry. When we lived in London we met him on several occasions and found him a very open person. However, I don't think he has written anything better than one of his first books "Cain and Able".

Have you read any of the "Left Behind" series. They were quite interesting, although I think the theology was a little skewed!!