Newsletters - good or bad?

Would you like CFS to send you newsletters?

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Newsletters - good or bad?

Would you like it if CFS sends monthly newsletters to your email address? I am just considering this for CFS's future. :D

If yes, what would you like in the newsletter? Would you like it to be monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual/decadely/centurly...? Any suggestions?
If no, what could change your mind and why not?

We may require some volunteers to compile articles.
I think a newsletter 3 or 4 times a year with news about the site, info about the staff, a section where folk can make suggestions etc would bind us closer as a community.
It would be a good way to inform members, who do not participate as often as others, as to what is taking place at CFS, including the Monthly Contest results and other details that the recap format of a newsletter can offer.

A weekly newsletter can get a bit boring because comparatively speaking, not much change take place in one week. A MONTHLY newsletter is usually welcomed by members.

I'd also like to mention that IF this is initiated, that the Newsletters be sent out securely with the member email addresses hidden in a BCC address line so if they are intercepted by a spammer, NONE of the email addresses would be visible to them or ANYONE on the newsletter subscription list.

Newsletters can be labor intensive to be done well, so dedicate several days each month to the project for compiling data, editing, formatting and adding and deleting subscription email addresses that will change each month due to new members joining and old memberships which become inactive.

Keep us posted on your decision... sounds interesting.
'Monthly' or 'Once in two months' or 'quarterly' sounds good. I am not good with articles so the CFS Team would have to do the compilation of good articles, news etc.

Email addresses will not be shared and we may use a separate software to send the newsletters out. The one I am currently looking into is SonicMailer Pro ( They are currently working on a new version which will be released very soon and they plan on creating a plugin for completely seemless integration with vBulletin forum software.

Thats the latest news. :D
I like the idea of something monthly. And I don't think it has to be anything too terribly intense - just a recap of some good threads, an interesting article or two, etc. Something that would draw in our more inactive members but at the same time make the active members go "oh yeah, I remember that!"

Great idea Jeff!