Next Top Model

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Is it bad that i like to watch Next Top Model? Mama says it's an evil show and that God agrees. But how could girls that pretty be evil?:confused:

lol thats a poor excuse from your mom lol!! Anyways I agree with your mom except with more back up info.. I believe the Next top Model forces people to except gay people which we all know is against God's order. She say thay gay people helped her learn how to walk and feel beautiful. All her cast is gay so she is forcing her viewers to think being gay is "normal" and that is totally wrong. Also modeling is a wild world on its on partying and drugs and all that crazy self. Plus exposing your body...the show isnt helping anyone get closer to christ.
Next Top Model is a fantasy however, how homosexuals identify themselves to approve themselves of the show party as a set up dream of oblivious, rather it is of spectacle introduce onto viewer applause .. No thing is good to dwell madly over, rather when your real motive does not agree with anything of another, make agreement to have peace within, but also nurture your spiritual identity because it is of justified concern .. Let no disapproval direct you of poor sentiment that you be in admirable light to all who witness your cause of well minded provoke in all, that honorable mention be of your own .. That you worry not about the world of what you can not do, for God in true and definite unquestionable domain of all that is of humanity, powerful God is he and God does prevail .. God takes care of a sheep like a royal good Shepard .. What is the worry ? But all good sense resolves all things nicely ..

I agree! Entertainment for entertainment's purpose is just that. I am not a satanist because I watch reality TV, I'm not gay because I watch something with homosexuals, I'm not less close to Christ because I watch Top Model (which I don't but I watch other shows that I'm SURE would be judged as "wrong".)

I cannot believe how people can say you can't watch these shows bcause it's "wrong." Sometimes people need to lighten up. And please save the whole "Christ disagrees with you" argument. I have an excellent relationship with Christ and he loves me just how I am! :heart:
yup I guess you have all the answers don't you shannon... I will shut up then and just let you answer with your perfect knowledge and perfect relationship with christ...and Ill be quiet since I dont know anything and obviously dont have a great relationship with christ as you!
Um, actually no! Does that mean i become garbage if i watch Next Top Model??:eek: Personally, i just think it's entertainment... so what's the harm?

And thats just what the devil wants you to think...its just entertainment there is nothing wrong with it keep watching keep watching...goodness people are such sheep. Get mad about it if you want to but there is a spirit behind all of it wether you choose to notice it or not. Why would you entertain yourself with a show full of gay people? Why would you watch a show full of death killing ghost and murderers? Why would you watch a show about witch craft and ungodly things? If you were a real christian? I know I most certainly monitor what I watch because like I said earlier garbage in garbage out. Oh and by the way shannon I never call anyone a I dont know where you even got that from. And you dont know what kind of spirits you are invitng into your spirit! You might not be gay now but if you keep watching that show you might just turn out to be gay...unless you can tell the future since you so perfect and all.
I'm done in this thread. Personal attacks do nothing for me.

I'm also closing this thread because it's turning into yet another backbiting bitter argument. If you would like to continue the discussion, please feel free to do so in Private Messaging. If you DO choose to do that, please remember to be respectful.
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