North American Union driver's license created

an awakening

No doubt , the mark of the beast is in process as we speak.
Debit cards, credit cards, customer reward cards, universial drivers liciences and IDs, Global tracking systems(lke onstar), government security, social security, public education systems welfare system, florencic sciences, the internet and finaly microchip technology are the developing components of "the mark"
It is now possible when all the peices are in place to locate an individual within eye site anywhere in the world, varify their identity, varify the route they used to get there and what they did ,and who they had contact with along the way to any one in the world who wants to know. Every person who has applied for a loan, signed a contract been on a federal or state facility, and last but certianly not least been on the internet has a historical public record that can be accessed by anyone.
Want a wake up call????
Google your name:rolleyes:

For as little as $30 anyone can with a little common knowledge about you have your entire public history. Where you grew up, where you have lived and when. Every peice of property you have ever bought or sold , when and where you bank ,where you are and have lived. Ever wondered why in recent years they need only your social security number and your signed concent to do a credit or security check ?????
We are all on many public acessable data bases.
And the government ???? Can with very little effort acess even the private records. medical, personal, and financial and do with them what they please.

People believe that the Anti christ will suddenly appear and miraculessly make and enforce the mark. But the truth is the world will already have it perfected and all the Antichrist that will have to do is enforce it.
And here is the realy scary part ,brothers and sisters. The institutional church is already a part of it. The tax exempt c3 status that most churches are using to avoid taxes and finacial records and contracts used to gain the proceeds to build these nice church buildings with is establishing a record just as an individual does. There are cases pending many places in the US over the churches being manipulated by their tax exempt status.
Some three years a go a church in Ohio was ceised by the Fed for tax evassion because they refused to withold taxes and social security premiums from their staff's pay. Their tax exempt status was revoked and their holdings subject to tax and penalties exceeding the net worth of the organization. the property was seized and the building secured by federal and local authorities.

"The Mark" isn't here yet but all the parts to assemble it and make it work are.
It's just a matter of time and not a lot of it.

Arrggghh- those idiots can't wait to wreck the US-
Although I do not think namecalling should be an atribute of a Christian... I agree... ;)

Really if you think about it many things are going to attribute to the ultimate label, Satan's Mark. But really there is nothing to worry about until AFTER the Rapture. Until then, you might as well enjoy the things of the world while you can. Although I do not like RFID's I use one every work day, my work badge. Yes anyone can read it with an RFID reader, but I won't own one myself unless it is required for something I need to do.

The same goes for the numbers '666'. It really has no meaning until AFTER the Rapture. Again until then, if it is apart of your credit car, SSN or license plate... no need to fret about it.

God bless,
One of my teachers was saying how there is some super computer that assigns bank account numbers ... etc to people, can do like hald the world in one night, guess what the name is ... the beast, there is one similar, a lil les powerful in newyork called the mini beast.....