Not a question, just showin off

Not a question, just showin off


Here he is! Little Landon James. Our first baby!

He is approx 37 weeks old in this pic, still in Mommy's tummy. He's kinda pudgy.LOL. This ultrasound session was to get an approximate wieght and I was leanin over my wife,trying ot get a good view of the monitor. Then the tech picked up what looked like a thing of roll on deodorant from the machine, and placed on the belly, and when I looked up,there he was! She had switched over to the 3D! I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen. Unfortunately, the cord blocked some of the face(that's what's on his mouth), so this one was the best one we got. We got another one,where the tech smooshed his little face when she pressed down on my wife's belly, but it hasn't been scanned in yet.( It looks like he's got his face pressed up against a pane of glass.LOL!)
P.S. I know he looks like Ted Koppel(sp?) in that pick, but that's not hair, its just a ultrasound shadow)
P.S. I know he looks like Ted Koppel(sp?) in that pick, but that's not hair, its just a ultrasound shadow)

Thats Hilarious! On a more serious CONGRATULATIONS! The human Life amazes me and makes me realize just the power and wonders of God.
This brings tears to my eyes.
I thought right away he was sucking on the umbilical cord!
Look at that little ear and nose!

God is so amazing!

Awesome CarolinaSteve!!! I am blessed for you ,congrats!
Thanks for all the congrats and encouragement. This little guy is truely an answered prayer for us! Sorry I haven't replied sooner, I kinda forgot I posted this. My mind is pretty scattered as of late. Right now, we're on baby alert. Contractions as of right now are approx 45-55 minutes apart for the last 4 hours. My wife had an exam last Tuesday, and to avoid giving TMI here, I'll say the doctor did "something" that was she said should accelerate the labor. She said we should be in delivery within 24 hours. Well, its been 5 days, but since 6pm tonight, it's looking pretty good that Landon will be in our arms very very soon!:D
If you guys wouldn't mind we would love for prayers for a safe healthy delivery(oh, and a short active labor for my wife. She wants me to put a post it note on her back that says " Insert epidural here-NOW!" LOL!)
I will be praying that all goes well! The little feela wil come out when he is ready!:D
I know a Pastors wife who had 7 babies, all at home with a mid wife. My wife had three and said bring on the epidurals!
Thanks Bookworm and Rick. And there are not enough words to express the greatness of our Lord! This child will hear of God's greatness and will hear His word read to him. And I pray that the fruits of mine and my wife's lives will let Him see with his own eyes the love that God has for him. Please pray for us as new parents who are infants ourselves in our walk with the Lord.:groupray:
WOuld you believe, he's not here yet?!:(We(including the doctor) thought he would be here by now. His due date was the 6th. I don't know what he's waiting for but if he holds out after today, he's gonna loose his say in the matter. My wife has a doctor's appointment tommorrow, and if he doesn't come by then, she will probably go ahead and induce the labor. My wife and I would rather have the "Um, I think we better get to the hospital" moment, but he's got to be close to 8 pounds by now:eek:, and my wife has a small frame. My one concern is if we do induce, is that a display of lack of faith in God to handle it, or is it His will for us to induce? Our doctor is a Christian, so hopefully she will have the same question, and have a good answer before she goes ahead with anything.
Praying for you !
I was mostly late with mine, 15 days was my longest overdue!

Looks like tonight it is the spicy curry followed by a long warm bath and an early night if you know what I mean!:D
Lazy boys, I dont know:rolleyes:
Heeee's Here!

He was born at approx 9:15 Pm on Wednesday, Dec 12. He weighed in at a svelt 7lbs 12 oz, and is around 20 inches long. We've been up since 5am Wednesday(its 5 am Thrusday now. Induction started at 8:30 am. I guess a total of 11 hours 45 minutes isnt so bad for a first time mommy. She's is a supreme pusher! We're finally going to lay down for a nap. Hopefully, we'll be able to go home tonight, and I can get some pics posted. He is so beautiful. God has truly blessed us once again!:D

How Cute.
I posted a message on help where to look, because I could see anything..It looked like a big blur lol.
But looking at it from different angles and looking closely I can now see it.
You must be so proud, and so tired!
God bless you all, and keep you all rejoicing, even at 3am:D
Thanks jax and B2LU! Man, he's 5 days old now. everything I was ever told about having a child, from the indescribable feeling of love and protectiveness, to the pain of watching your own in pain, and yes, even the lack of sleep:rolleyes:, we've already experienced in these few short days! He has ben colicky the last couple of days, but we changed his formula while mommy keeps trying to get him to like breast feeding(he's already developed a taste for fast and easy from the bottle-the TV diner for infants I suppose) and that seems to be helping. Anyway, here are a couple of pics of our new,perfect, baby boy(Thanks to God for a healthy child and no complications durring the birth! Thanks everyonef or the prayers!:)):
Less than a minute old, and as you can see, I'm still verticle:eek:! I didn't miss a thing. I even cut the cord. Mommy is loking at how big he is and saying,"Thank goodness for epidurals!"

Then they took him and cleaned him all up and checked his vitals, under the watchful eyes of the grandmas and grandpa, of course!:cool:

All cleaned up, with a very proud Daddy, and a very proud and tired Mommy:

Back from the nursery after a bath and making sure he held a good body temp. He's ours to keep now. Look at those cheeks!:D

I jump right onto my role as new dad, witht he honory first diaper change! I kept it cause I need to patch my roof(all I can say is WOW!):D

Of course our child will also be a UNC fan( in fact he got his first tarheel durring the session pictured above-eeeew!)

"Dear diary. I'm almost a day old. Stll tired from the move."

Ready for the trip home, but how about a nap first?

... Uh oh, looks like he's nodded off. I better grap a quick nap too while I can. Thanks again for all of your prayers and encouragement!:D