Not All Science is Good


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Not All Science is Good

A college professor was conducting an experiment with frogs, trying to determine the relationship of the frog's legs to the distance of its jump.

Setting the frog on the floor, the professor yelled, "JUMP!" and the frog jumped almost 12 feet.

He removed one of the frog's front legs, put the frog on the floor and yelled, "JUMP!" The frog jumped again, but this time just over 10 feet.

After removing the frog's other front leg, the jump measured 9 feet.

After removing one of the hind legs, the jump only measured 2 feet.

After removing the fourth leg, and yelling "JUMP!", the frog remained in place, not moving anywhere. He yelled, "JUMP!" a second time, and then a third, but still no motion from the frog.

The professor concluded that removing all four of a frog's legs causes the frog to go deaf.