Not By Might

3/29/12: On Tuesday morning of this week I joined a ladies’ Bible study group at a local church in our area. The teacher gave us the assignment of writing out, on index cards, verses God speaks to us through during the week. We are to bring them with us to the next study, and we are to share how God spoke to us through them.

So, yesterday, during my time of prayer with the Lord, as I was praying about specific situations going on in my life, the Lord gave me the verses in Zechariah 4:6b-10a: “’Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘What are you, O mighty mountain? … You will become level ground… Who despises the day of small things?’”

The passage is ultimately a prophecy about Jesus Christ, our priest and King, who is the capstone of God’s building, Christ’s church, the body of Christ. Christ Jesus laid the foundation of the temple of God, his body, the church, and he is the one to complete it. Yet, the Lord was using this text to encourage me in the ministry to which he has called me. He was encouraging me to complete the assignment, not in my own power and strength, but in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit of God within me. He assured me that he was able to complete the work through me despite any obstacles Satan might throw my way.

Not By Might / An Original Work / March 29, 2012

Based off Zechariah 4

“Not by might, and not by power,
But by My Spirit,” says our Lord, God.
“Mighty mountain, O what are you?
Before Christ you will become level ground.”
The hands of our Lord, Savior God,
Formed the foundation of His church.
He alone will complete the work
He began in His servants’ hearts and minds.

Who despises small beginnings?
Much can be done in Christ’s strength within.
Be of courage, and trust your Lord.
All sufficient He is for all your needs.
Opposition and apathy:
Holy Spirit will set us free!
We can be overcomers in our faith
In our Lord, and our Savior, King.

Don’t be troubled by God’s timing.
He has ev’rything in His command.
Hasten to obey His commands fully,
Trusting Him to work all for good.
Not by might nor by human strength,
But by God’s power; strength within;
My dependency now on His working
His will in me in righteousness.