Now Abiding

This song is about our daily walk with Jesus Christ and the responsibilities, blessings and benefits of that daily walk of faith. When we walk closely to the Lord in faithful surrender and obedience to his will for our lives, spending time day-by-day in his presence, praying, and listening to him teach us his word, we experience his presence with us, his comfort, his joy, his peace, and his healing for our minds, souls and emotions. He teaches us how to walk in purity, holiness and in righteousness. And, he desires and requires of us our full obedience, our turning from sin, and that we be his servants and witnesses in sharing the love of Jesus and his gospel with a world in need of a Savior.

Now Abiding / An Original Work / January 31, 2012

Walking with Him; have Him near me,
Brings me comfort, joy and healing.
Now abiding in His presence;
His words speaking, oh, how gently:
Speak conviction, inspiration,
And instruction in right living.

Hope and comfort Jesus brings you,
When you’re walking with Him daily.
Be His servant; share the gospel;
Be His witness of salvation.
Love your brothers and your sisters.
Share with them that Jesus loves them.

Talking daily with my Savior;
List’ning to Him while He teaches,
Draws me closer; get to know Him,
So that I can now obey Him.
Follow Him where’er He leads me.
Worship only Jesus, Savior.