Now Brits ban 'mum' and 'dad'

They can get right out of here!!!! :mad:
I won't stop calling my Parents mum and dad!

Mum and dad is discriminating.........Right.......!
I don't mean any disrespects by saying this, But Just like in America, They are taking God out of the Curriculum and stripping the kids of there morality.
it,s like this if 100 people call me dave,and 1 person calls me da,then lets change the 100 rather then the 1 and my name is da.or in my opinion da stupid.
I have an idea....Lets take away all the morality of young children so that they will be led even further away from the Lord and have no morals at all and turn to the bad things like murder, theft, rape, homosexuality ect. :mad::mad:
Just more confusion being forced by the radical homosexual agenda.
the next one will be showing 12 year old how to inject heroin safely,just incase 1 of the class could do this in the future.sad,sad ,world.:mad:
I detest public schooling!

I agree with you Violet! Look at what they are doing!
Public Schooling is just brainwashing children - next thing you'll know, it'll be
"okay" to be homosexual, and "okay" to murder, and "okay" to rape. What IS the world coming to?
I am single with no children but I call my parents Mommy and Daddy. I know it's juvenile, but I am close to them, they are my best friends.
But this, I think, is a bit odd. Perhaps being politically correct has gone a bit far?
God bless,
I guess the Enemy knows how to break down the humans, remove God from the school, fill the entertainment box with "anything goes" and destroy family values throughout the world. Now, what do we have? People destroying eachother, this leaves less souls for Satan to have to win over.
Oh that makes me soooooooo angry! I love my parents, and even though I'm 26, I don't even call my parents "Mom" or "Dad."
All my life, they've been "Mommy" and "Daddy." We're extremely close, and it's bad enough to be taking God out of everything, but this?
God has me staying single for a reason!

So Mother and Father are out too then, not just Mom and Dad? Am I missing something or are they doing away with all gender-specific labels? What a load of hooey.


I'm so angry about this, I've rewritten this post 20 times and every time it's come across as less-than-Godly. Suffice it to say, adopting a pro-homosexual bias in our schools diminishes the principles this country was founded on. "One nation under God". "In God we trust". This type of attitude towards sin renders those terms meaningless.