Now is the Time

Jesus made it clear that there is no greater love than to lay down our lives for others. As I write this I know (as much as I can without being in that position) that I could sacrifice my life for another without fear. After all I know that when my life here is over I get to go home. When I leave this world I get to spend forever in the presence of the lamb that saved me. I have nothing to fear and everything to gain. It would be easy.

It would be too easy. It would be wonderful to leave this world where I am mocked for following Jesus. The world where I am forced to see so many that will never come to Jesus no matter what they are told or what they see. This world where I know that those I love will suffer. The same world that Jesus told us will hate us and will persecute us. The same world where I will fail Jesus and those I love time and time again. Leaving would be easy.

Laying down my life for Jesus day after day, breath after breath, moment after moment is harder. I so persistently get in the way of what Jesus would do with me that I cannot help but be amazed that He would still bother with me. His love is so much greater than mine. His patience with this child is great. When I do something that I know I should not do, I know that that is why Jesus chose to suffer. That is why He gave His life. That is why He gives me strength to get up again when I fall. I have learned, through desperation and trials, that I can do nothing.

I want so much to live my life for Jesus and to glorify Him, but I cannot. I have neither the strength nor the will. I want to live without restraint in His service and power, but I cannot. I want so much, but can do so little.

The love God has us is so great that he shed His own blood to pay the price for our sin and weakness. He reached out to me even though I deserve nothing but condemnation. He has forgiven me and forgotten my sins. I am His child. My strength comes from Him. Only in His power can I accomplish anything of worth. Only by surrendering to Jesus can I serve Him. Only in laying down my life for Him will my life have any lasting value. It is Jesus that justifies me.

I follow the Risen Lord, The Lamb that was slain, The Savior, Emmanuel, God Almighty. Only through Him am I saved. Only through Him are my sins forgiven. There is no other name, no other way, no other god that can do that.
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We just have to remember that our life begins when we trust in Jesus and are born again into the family of God. For us it starts now and not when we get to heaven. Life in Jesus starts now and not tomorrow!

Matthew 5:16
John 14:6
2 Corinthians 12:9
Romans 8:18-28
2 Corinthians 6:2
1 Peter 4:16
First we must die to ourselves. We are to be heavenly minded while on this earth.
People say we are born again but this is in our spirit, the minute we trust in Him our souls and bodies still need to be set free, groaning for the new creation.

Many religions other than christianity teach you go to heaven when you die. But the only real way to get there is through Jesus Christ. When we become christians, we have a heavenly deposit of the Holy Spirit within us. God wants a spotless bride and are to work out our salvation and continue being sanctified, washed in his Word everyday. The more we walk in the light, with the spirit, the closer heaven will be realised and manifested.

Nobody is waiting to die we are to put to death the flesh everyday. new life cannot sprout if we do not put to death the old ways. We can do this through Jesus blood, sacrificed for our sins. name the sin, put it to death. Then sin no more.
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