numbered with the dead

numbered with the dead

Jesus mentions this,do you think this is afore knowledge of his place between 2 sinners on the cross.?is this satan,s way of opposite to trinity,3 in 1.?
I understand the point of Him being between the two sinners on the cross and granting one of the sinners saved.
but i don't understand the rest.
if you look at it at spiritual point of view,to place salvation between 2 sinners would give you the wrong answer.we know who,s world this have to get spiritually wise.the only way to do this is by reading the signs in the bible.really study them.
How does one become a believer .How is one saved.How is one assured of his or her salvation.What are the fruits of a true believer.How does one truly discern.Why was Paul abandoned by all believers God never abandoned him.There are so many questions.I want to be truthfull with God about my condition.I dont want to hide from Him i want to live in His light i truy dont know as i ought to know.
the jewish,were called by Jesus God,s lost sheep,they imposed man made rules,as from God.they played the harlot,good versus bad for there own gain.they manipulated Gods word.Jesus came to put the record straight,and gave them life not death.but they missed Jesus through his truth and through scripture.the jews called God our language this tells us a story.abba means God of good and bad as said job.this is not true,Jesus said only God is truely good.if you take what Jesus says about the 3rd day,and the sign of jonah,3rd day he repented,you will realise the numbers and letters have a lot of meaning.
Brother through Christ Jesus we have become a new creation the old has gone the new has come 2 Corinthians 5:15-18 this is how we as believers should see one another God bless love you all. Jesus is Lord glory to God aloe.