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is there a reason for the name?you know my views unlucky 13 and that.....12 always good when i read any views.

What is the point in believeing in luck?? I personally dont believe any of us are lucky or that anything happens by chance.... we are all blessed and everything that happens has a purpose...also I dont get your post..:)
I dont maybe because you dont really explain what you mean....Numbers was called numbers because.... it is the 2 censusese (numberings) of the nation Isreal...I got that from my study bible! Hope that helps.:)


My dad spent WW2 on an LST (large slow target)- qa transport ship for troops and material- the number 1057 was added up and they called that ship the lucky 13 because even though they were so slow they kept the lifeboats 1/2 way down the never got sunk!