Obedience in the Word

Some people tell sinners, "You don't need to do anything to be saved. Just accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior." But is it really possible to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and to receive His salvation without obeying Him? What does it really mean to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior?

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I agree, it isn't possible, because once you are saved by the blood and the spirit of God lives within you, that spirit will never, ever lead you to sin, in fact the spirit CANNOT SIN!When we sin, it is because we have chosen not to obey the guidence of that spirit.
The holy Spirit speaks, HE is alive and of GOD and with HIM as our guide, sin makes us feel wrong, we know it, no excuses, we are convicted, Thankfully when we do mess up, or when that old man within us rises from death, we have the HOLY SON as our mediator to the FATHER so we can recieve purification and forgivness.

Jesus told the women whom HE saved from being stoned "Go and sin no more", I think it is our responsibility as a christian to listen to the spirit and strive to be perfect just as Jesus Christ was perfect. Praise GOD! Thank you LORD!!

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I believe this is one of those "hot buttons" of theology that many Christians get hung up on. Now we know that many Christians label themselves as one, but if you were to travel through out a week in their shoes you'd see they use the term loosely. And we would probably come to that conclusion--- though I'm personally wary of judging other believers, unless it is for their benefit of learning from their sins.

Anyways, the Catholic Church holds this belief:
In sum, the Church teaches that salvation is a process of becoming holier and holier through time. All of this is a work of grace that God performs in our hearts through faith. Works done in faith are the natural completion of believing in Christ. As we trust and do God’s work, he instills within us more grace so that we may become holier and so be ready to meet him at the end of our life.
(Quote from Catholic.com)

Salvation comes from the grace of God because God the Son, Jesus Christ died on the Cross. But each of our faith stories does not end there: we grow as a Christian-- we become holier and holier the more we allow the grace of God to work in us and through us.

It's like a plant--- it comes from a small seed, but in order to get the fruit from that plant it takes many resources, it takes time, and the plant itself must transform from a tiny seed to baby leaves and stem, to stronger roots, bigger leaves, and finally then the fruit will be there.

So too must we each reflect on our own lives-- we need to make sure our own faith is not stagnant. We have salvation through Christ, but His ministry continues through each of us and we only grow in holiness if we're living the faith, the morals, and the love Christ lived through as a human being on earth.