Well , I have to say that obedience to the Holy Spirit is one of the ways we are blessed of the Lord .

Short history here ... I have been divorced for 13 years but all the people on my X's side dismissed me and wanted nothing to do with me . It's a very long story and I don't wish to discuss that right now.

Suffice to say my X - mother- in- law had a massive heart attack and is also now on dyalisis . My son asked me to come with him to visit . Knowing the past , I prayed , cryed to the Lord and asked Him .

My answer was to go and see her . All day yesterday , I was like ..... no , I can't do this , I can't go but the Holy Spirit was so strong that I went .

My X - Mother - in - law started to cry when she saw me and I genuinely think she was repentant and sorry for all the hurt that has been built up over the years .

So we never know and when the Holy Spirit says something , we need to obey .

I am so glad that I did obey . My son also was happy to see restoration , so God works in mysterious ways . I do not understand but He does.
That He does! My family was pretty broken up but He restored my bonds with some of my family members and my fiance had her bond restored with her sister and mother after all these years. God is good!

Thank you Phil .... that is very encouraging. I have recorded when God told me that relationships would be restored and this is just the beginning . And yes God is so good .

It's not me , it's God .... Praise His Name . When we step back and let God _ He works in areas that we think are impossible . Thank you Jesus .