Of Such Is The Kingdom Of God

May 22, 2014
La Union Philippines
A Confession of the Heart
When I was in CEF, my only concern was to make opportunities to present the Gospel to the unchurched children and contact Bible-believing churches to follow them up, hoping and praying that these churches would follow-up those who professed faith in Christ. Now, after five years of helping my husband plant a church and establishing it, I find myself more and more introspective. The more I see the members of the church, the more personal my views become. I begin to fret on whether they are living in the faith, whether the decisions they make are the best for them, or whether they are living in the center of God’s will. When they cry (and we are about the last to hear anyway), I become frustrated, knowing that the solution to their problems is simple obedience to God and His word. I see people become overly burdened financially, and I wonder why they do not tithe in the first place. I wonder why so much problems assail us, yet I know deep in my heart that the reason behind is the old man trying to break away from that which is right and true. I wonder a lot about how it could have been, had people been more faithful to God… perhaps there will be more smiles than frowns, more laughter than tears, there will be more people seated on the pews during the Lord’s day, singing and praising God at the top of their lungs….. perhaps then we will see more professions made, more people coming to Christ as they witness the obedience of God’s children and see the goodness of God in their lives…. Surely then these lost and wandering souls would see their need of Christ more and more, and yearn for the joy they see in God’s children…. But alas! Such is not the case… we see Christians more and more spending time watching the television or texting here and there, more Christians lying in bed and sleeping soundly (after all, it is very hot today, we might say)… we see but a few with a tract in their hands knocking from house to house and giving out invitations…and then we wonder, why, these are but children!!… bringing the seeds of salvation to the lost through the little tract that they hold so dear in their hands. They do not mind the heat, nor do they mind the distance…. So long as there is still one tract in their hands, they knock from house to house and give them away so freely… with a smile on their lips, they urge people to accept that little love letter God has for them….simply being happy when a man or a woman takes the little paper for them to read….this must be what Jesus said in Mark 10:14, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God.”….. What a challenge they are to us! Indeed, the truth cannot be refuted, the kingdom of God is theirs and they are very much willing to share it to others! Then I wonder, how about me? Do you also wonder how do you fare? The fact that we are in the last days should all the more inspire us….. yet alas, we find ourselves beholden to so many cares of this world, our hands tied by many so called ‘responsibilities’ (yet God has not asked us to take them upon ourselves in the first place)… unlike those little ones whose hands reach out to others, ours are full of many things… things that will someday perish… things that will someday put a tear in our eyes when we stand at the judgment seat of Christ and we languish for the lost opportunities we had so easily let go….may God help us to be faithful while that day has not yet come!! (05-22-14)
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May 10, 2014
Apple Valley Calif.
Janish, maybe just maybe the people in the world are looking for reality in the life of Christians today. I think they want to see the word made flesh in our lives first before they will come and ask the reason of the hope we have inside of us. It is easy to pass out tracts and tell people the gospel, but with out that witness of it living in our lives it will do no good. They must see something better than what they see now before they turn to the Lord. In the old testament as it tells us in the Book of Hebrews. "they all died in faith no having received the promises, but having seen them afar off....." No one will let go of the things of this world until they see something better.