Ohayo from Okinawa!

Hey everyone!

My name is Josh and I'm living in Okinawa, Japan. I've lived here for eleven years with my mom, and I'm currently working on a degree in Secondary Education - English. I received the Lord when I was eighteen, and recently God laid before me what He will have me do for the Kingdom.

I look forward to meeting everyone on here! :)


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Hi Josh, I've been living in Australia for about 4.5 years. Welcome to CFS. We have friends from all over the world. :D Hope you like it here.
Would love to hear what's happening in your life and how God is using you. :)
haha well, recently God spoke through someone and confirmed EVERYTHING God had called me to do. Let's just say I'm a personal believer that the five-fold ministry is still in effect. :) God has called me to one of them. Last night, God exposed me to deliverance ministry. Praise God, for a sister has been delivered! That was one stubborn spirit! We were on skype. haha! A bunch of us from all over the world were praying on the skype conference call.
Hi Josh! Srry I didn't reply faster. I saw ur post yesterday but .........Well here I am to greet you. Welcome to CFS my brother from another mother. Ohayo to you too. i know just a few words in Japanese sice I work with some of them. very interesting people they are. I LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEE their food. bring it on :) I'll see ya later. Feel free to roam about. Enjoy CFS.

Chili out
Hi, Josh! I'm a newbie here, too! I am from Tennessee...a very long way from Japan! How wonderful that you are working on your degree! I am too! I am doing mine online. Are you? I have found folks here to be friendly and welcoming, and I am sure you will, too. I look forward to talking to you more!
Welcome to CFS as well Stoney! Me, I'm from the Philippines!

Hope you guys enjoy your stay here in this international forum, the CFS!

Hi, John! I am workiing on a psych degree with plans to go on for my master's in counseling. I have hopes of working with children, but we'll see where God takes me from here!
hey hey welcome!

sushi tastes so good

God is awsome!