Online game "Runescape" OK?

I tried to get my grandson's a couple games for the XBox and the choices are very hard. We ended up agreeing on just one game. It wasn't a very happy trip like I had planned. They all looked bad to me.
How much does this affect our young kids? They are exposed to so much it is a battle. I am fighting to keep them in church.
My heart goes out to anyone raising kids right now. God Bless you all and give you wisdom and strength.
Its all about using the world for God.
Not letting the world get them against God.
Thats what I am trying to say above!
I dont shelter my child from much at all, I really dont see the point.
Instead I try to teach her the difference between fantasy and reality.
and I balance the worldly things, with things from God. Shes learning about God in the most humble way possible, its when you force children that they can rebel.
I got hit hard the other night by a statistic that said if the child's father gos to church there is a 70% chance the child will grow up wanting to go to church, ouch that hurt me alot because I have been struggling to get to church, but now I have to lol.
God bless you.


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I am a heavy duty gamer my self. I checked this game out. It to me is like med evil times in the time of Chamalot. It is a slightly lower class game. graphics are OK. the story scene is just ok. it could be viewed in different ways. It can be evil or save the earth/princess. It in my H O will be parent moderated. It is fantasy but can be fun. I would not play this game myself. To the kids it might be awesome cuz the graphics.NOT BAD. But it does need guidance from parents. GO/NO GO

That is my 2 chili's

Chili out
well i dont thinkit's bad games but i think for you kid undue also there's many learn gmaes in my opinin it's nice to keep learn fun and use our free time to learn in same time play | play and learn :)
These are just games but for kids it may be somewhat harmful this is the time to develop their thinking and to show them right path, if we introduce some informative as well as enjoying games to them that will be more beneficial.
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