Thank You

Thank you for the warm welcome to your forum. I have been going through some rough times over the past 2 months and finally realized i needed to turn to god for guidance and stop looking elsewhere. My relationship of 5 years went down the drain with the girl i still love, and alot of it were problems that were built up and trust issues. and just reading some of the posts on your forum inspired me and got me thinking. When i was saved about 3 years ago, i invited god into my life and asked for his guidance, but i never took the time to come to know him the way i should have. After i registered on here last night i laid in bed and had a long talk with him. I reached out to him about a month ago, because my grandfather was in the hospital and i couldn't talk to any of my friends with the things i was dealing with, not because they wouldn't listen, but because i didn't think they'd understand. The day my grandfather died i kneeled down to pray next to him, at about 1:00 and i asked the lord to take care of him and help end his suffering and let him come home. Well not even 5 hours later he answered my prayer and my grandfather passed on. I felt almost guilty when i got the phone call that he had passed, almost like i caused his death, but the more i thought about it, the more i came to realize he's in a better place now. And i know god has taken care of him. But last night i asked god again back into my life and my heart, and for guidance in my personal life and my relationship. He is great, and it is great to have a forum where i can learn and share the wonderful things hes helped me with.
It sounds like you are at a very important junction in your life! One that is bound to be very exciting and challenging all at once.

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. I believe he is at peace in Heaven with his Savior. I can understand why you might feel guilty but I feel what you prayed for was truly merciful!

Glad to have you here!