Oops :)

I was told to attend a meeting at 3:15pm. I got there and the door was already closed at 3:10. I walked in and I saw my boss and his boss and a bunch of VIPs. There were no more chairs so I had to stand in the corner by the, now, closed door. It was a very small room. My boss got up, hit his head on the wall-mounted TV above him, stumbled over someone’s chair and trying to catch his balance, hit the light switch and fell out the door when he grabbed the door knob! Yes, this happened to me. As I stood behind the wooden door watching the scene unfold, I see a finger poking around the door calling me out into the hallway with him. Turns out, the meeting was changed and since it was my boss who forwarded the invite and because he wasn't the owner of the meeting, when it changed, I never got the update! Too funny!