Open Comunication

Open Comunication

In todays world there seems to be a lack of comunication between parents and thier chidren. My question is this can your kids come to you with any problem and know you will listen without anger. If you don't have children , think back , could you go to your parents with any problem or where you afraid to ?

In my reading I believe communication between generations has traditionally been difficult. Today, children are generally underparented (though there is a group of over regulated children). Those who do not spend quality time with their kids cannot possibly communicate well.

So many of our children are really hurting for attention.
Mark ,
One of the reasons I ask this question is because on another forum a young girl and her boy friend who both come from a christian home made a very wrong choice. She got pregnant and was so ashamed at what she had done she had an abortion . She said she could not go to her parents , because they would be angry with her. I find that it's very sad indeed that even in a christian house hold a child is afraid to talk to a parent when they need them more then anything else.

I feel that parents need to be there for there children even under the most awful situations, and christian parents have no excuse's because they know all make mistakes. They also know that Jesus says to forgive . Im troubled to my heart that a little chid is dead before he/she got the chance at life just because a young girl was to afraid to go too her parents. :cry:

Often when one sins they are too embarased to talk to God. That does not mean God does not have an open ear. The real problem with some parents is a concern about people's perception rather than a true concern for their child. If the parent was upset that the family name would be "hurt" or "tarnished" then there is a real problem!

I would hope if any of my daughters got pregnant, they would feel bad! That would mean the Holy Spirit's conviction was still alive and well within them. However, it is VERY SAD that conviction of sin would lead to another sin. Yet, it happens all the time. Many a poor choice occurs when we are under the conviction of God's truth. Instead of humbling ourselves and asking forgiveness we continue to sin or compound our sin. Then instead of realizing the faulty path we have chosen we compound the sin some more by blaming others. "I would have made the right choice if only . . ." as in "if only my parents would not be angry over my mistake."

Either way, I feel for this girl. What a sad place to be in. I will pray for her and her family!