Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery
The place of the believer is in perfect acceptance before the Father, with every question of sin completely settled. Just as with Israel; they were delivered from the place they were in; God’s judgment met by the blood upon the doorpost; and themselves brought through the Red Sea to Himself. “I bear you on eagle’s wings to Myself.” That is where the believer is: the veil rent; and we are now before our Father without any veil at all, though it may be on our hearts through unbelief or ignorance.

But if I know and go in faith, I go through the rent veil—His flesh—into the Holiest of All with boldness, because He Who accomplished the work is there; I find Him there when I go in. I press this, because you are not on the full true ground of liberty before the Father until the thought of imputation of sin, when you stand in the presence of your Father, has completely disappeared. What then comes of our present walk? The first thing to get quite clear is, that my place before the Father is the Lord Jesus’ place every instant. “No condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.” How then can you condemn one who is in Him? The very thought is absurd.

Still, I am here, a poor weak creature, exposed to all sorts of snares and temptations; and we have the Word of God, sharper than a two-edged sword, which comes and discerns; it runs right through and says, “What is this in your heart? Is that in accordance with light?” No buts, nor ifs; you are being exposed by the light. It shows me things that I never suspected before—“all things are naked and open” (Heb 4:13). The Word of God’s eye, prying into my heart and showing me what suits that blessed eye, discerning not merely acts but “the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Heb 4:12).

But supposing all the thoughts and intents of my heart were as perfect as possible, still I am a poor weak creature. There are snares all around—the world, the Christian friends who are not spiritually minded; I have to go through all that and all the difficulties and trials that come from those who do not wish the Cross to be quite what it is.

We are in danger in passing through the world; and so I have the Lord Jesus, who has met every difficulty and temptation (ten thousand times more than we do) and understands it all, not only in the divine, but also in the experiential way. But for the evil movement of my heart, I want the Cross; for the difficulties, trials, etc. I get the throne of grace, yea, God Himself and sufficient supply of all grace to overcome (2 Cor 12:9, 10).

Have your heart open before your Father. Do not leave any chambers locked up before Him (Psa 66:18), or you will not have joy and liberty. You may walk outwardly without scandalizing anybody; but if you have anything in your heart not open to your father, you have diminished in fellowship with Him and that is what inevitably weakens your whole path.
-J N Darby