Opening your heart

Opening your heart

Hey all.

Can someone help me understand how to open your heart to God, I dont understand how to do it :(



Brother in the most basic terms you are to come into complete surrender and total submission to God's will for your life. Decide now that you want to love Him and be lead by Him.Hold nothing back- and if you have areas were this is a struggle simply pray- Lord I believe, help me in my unbelief. It is amazing how much smoother our lifes journy becomes when we decide to trust God and take our hands off the wheel.


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It has been said prayer is talking to God, and meditation is listening to Him. Of course, I'm not referring to Yoga or anything like that. Simply studying scripture, or, as you put it, opening your heart to God.

I remember a great song I was taught in my youth group many years ago, but have never found the source. If anyone knows, please share...

unknown said:
May my ears hear like you,
May my eyes see what yours do,
Let our hearts and minds, beat in one accord.

May the words of my mouth,
the Meditations of my heart,
Be acceptable, O Lord, unto you

Often I find myself "meditating" over music. Simply being amazed that God can create so much. I see music as a link to the heart of God, expressing the emotions and feelings that He meant for us.

But it can be misused. This is sad to me, that people will use music to foster an emotion in church. While I'm sure God can use anything, I don't think He wants us to "trick" people to the altar.


It is good to be back B2LU and a pleasure to see you are doing well. I really appreciate your heart- your brother Larry