Opera Browser ver 10

Opera Browser ver 10

Check out the new Opera Browser 10. Cool and faster. I personally love its performance.

Opera 10 introduces a major visual change for Opera fans and brings quite a few new features to the table, including a visual tab switcher, improved JavaScript performance and a faster Opera Turbo feature.

The latest beta release adds some more options to what Opera calls “visual tabs.” Visual tabs show up in the expandable bar just below your browser tabs. Either pull down the tab bar or double-click the handle to reveal visual thumbnails of all your open tabs. Previous betas lacked the new visual tab switcher and beta 3 adds a new option to have your tab bar on either the left or right side of the window. To get to the new options, just right-click the tab bar and choose “Customize.”

Opera has always been a fast browser, and we expected more.
The latest beta release adds some more options to what Opera calls “visual tabs.”
I'm using 9.50 version now. And I prefer Opera than Firefox or IE. It really works faster!

By the way, is here anybody using Google Chrome or something even more "exotic", like Lunascape etc?
I primarily use Opera 10 but also use Chrome, Firebox and Safari.

Chrome is a basic, fast browser. I like it's simplicity but that's also what I don't like about it. Sometimes it's just too basic. I find myself switching between the two quite often actually.

I'm not real fond of Safari. Used to be a big fan of FF but it's gotten bloated like IE.

I do find that Opera chokes at times, but so do the others.
I know this is an old post but thought I'd update on my browser use.

While I like Opera 10 and still open it occasionally, I've grown very fond of Google Chrome. I like how simple and fast it is. After some adjustment to a different look and feel for a browser I find it quite easy to use. One thing that I miss over Opera is the timed page refresh.

Unfortunately because of being a forum admin also I find that I still need to keep Safari, IE and FF around for testing as I change things. It's especially important that I test IE. It's a real dog.

Oh well, that's my technical input for this month probably.
Means performance is terrible and its' very difficult to make pages display correctlyt. There's a reason people show best in Firefox on a page. I also find Google Chrome has some display issues as well. I guess none are perfect for IE is way down on the list. IMHO.

My list of preferred browsers in order:

Google Chrome
Opera 10
at the very bottom Internet Explorer (I only use it to see how my web page is going to display).