Opinions Wanted: Pre-trib Rapture

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I came across a new video documentary that is available on You Tube.

**NOTE: I AM NOT PROMOTING THIS; just seeking opinions on anyone who has seen this documentary.

It is about the pre-trib rapture doctrine.

Well.....you are new to this site so allow me to say to you that this subject has been discussed over and over and over and has always ended in the thread being closed due to the argumenitive nature taken on by the responders.

It simple can not be discussed civily without confrontations.

I for one am a pre-tribulation believer in the Rapture.

After studying all the positions it is my OPINION that pre-trib is the only one that makes complete logical, & Biblical sense.

Please.........do not argue that comment. YOU maybe absolutly correct in yours. It is what I believe.

Some people us reverse logic to support their view. If you're using reverse logic, you need to support your conclusions. The vast majority of the population would agree that apples grow on apple trees and cherries grow on cheery trees. The pure novelty of the opposite being true does not in any way help make it so. Unless you see farmers gluing apples onto cherry trees or picking cherries from apple trees, you have no basis to think that these two fruits do not grow on anything but the trees that share the same name.

Some people are clearly more in love with the idea of a conspiracy than they are the truth. Every time an airplane crashes to the earth there's someone who will proclaim it was caused by anything from an act of terrorism to a bizarre government plot. It's just not exciting enough to say it was a mechanical problem that led to the crash.

The idea that the pre-trib rapture is the dominant view is not correct in the first place. Most evangelicals would say they look for a pre-trib rapture, but if you include all Christians, pretribulationists would rank third behind post-trib and preterist adherents.

Now, what ecactly does the word of God say???? That is the question isn't it???

God clearly states that believers will escape the tribulation bloodbath.

"For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ"
(1 Thes 5:9).

"Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth"
(Rev 3:10).

Now those verses must be addressed by those who do not believe in the Rapture then the Tribulation.
What do they mean if not aimed at the believers NOT going through THE Tribulation period!

In one regard, people who think the Church will go through the tribulation are somewhat correct. I believe there will be a huge number of "carnal Christians" that will find themselves left behind. By having the rapture before the tribulation, all those who find themselves facing the wrath of God will be without an excuse.
The pre-trib rapture doctrine evolved in the 19th Century. Margared McDonald had a vision that Darby weaved into a doctrine. Read a good Bible commentary on 1 Thess., like F.F. Bruce or NICNT.
The pre-trib rapture doctrine evolved in the 19th Century. Margared McDonald had a vision that Darby weaved into a doctrine. Read a good Bible commentary on 1 Thess., like F.F. Bruce or NICNT.
Absolutely correct. It was Margaret McDonald, who influenced the powerful English parson Edward Irving.
Later the cultist church, the Plymouth Brethren, headed by Darby, wove a fantastic theology around this, and Cyrus Scofield became the salesman of this stuff over in America.

BTW.....Bruce was raised in a subset of the Plymouth Brethren, and openly disproved dispensationalism as well as pre-trib Rapture theories. His credentials outshine most Bible scholar alive today.