OS's and Old Computers

OS's and Old Computers

As usual, I am pushing Linux Operating systems. The new version of Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) version 10.04 or Lucid Lynx has just been released. As soon as it was released I upgraded and was extremely pleased with the improvements. The developers at Canonical have taken aim at the business sector with this release. As always there is 24 hour a day free support for the Home User and there is Commercial Support for business to tap into for the free operating system that puts windows to shame.

The operating system has a Windows feel and the learning curve for transiting is almost flat. Any person that can operate a Windows Computer can operate an Ubuntu computer. I purchased a new hard-drive and did a fresh install, leaving my other two operating systems in place, just in case. Where Windows always claims the install will be done in about 39 minutes, the new Ubuntu install took just under 30 minutes and that included automatically detecting my hardware, downloading the drivers for it and installing and configuring all of them, automatically. I did the restart and without any “tours” or other hassles I clicked Firefox and went on the net.

Now you're thinking, yeah but now he had to install his office apps and all the other junk, nope, not true! Ubuntu installs with a complete, MS Office, compatible office suite, free of charge. Better still the equivalent of Power Point and of Publisher come with the system install. You can view Power Point presentations and you can build them with this office suite.

But there is better news yet! Puppy Linux 5.0 a.k.a. Lucid Puppy is released and available for download. It is also free, of course but it is for that tired old machine that you have retired because of speed. I did the test install on a VirtualBox hard-drive set up to test for use on a Compaq Armada built in the late '90s with a Pentium One processor with a maxed out memory of 80 meg of RAM and a two gig hdd. The install used about five hundred Megs. Of the two gig. Hdd I set up for it. It boots in the VirtualBox in about 36 seconds from turning the machine on so I'm expecting about a minute of boot time on the Compaq Armada Laptop. This Operating System comes with the standard Calculator, MS Office compatible Word Processor and many other apps, free.

So, if your unit is dying a slow death, revive it because the Lucid Puppy is based on the Lucid Lynx Ubuntu release and is just as easy to install and operate. Like Ubuntu it automatically detected and set up my hardware and immediately went on the Internet, Well... immediately after it automatically installed My choice of browsers after I clicked the Internet Icon on the darn good looking desk-top.

So once more I beseech you, brethren, don't operate operating systems that are supposed to be purchased to use, both of these systems are point and click, just like Windows and as an added bonus, the last time a Linux Computer was attacked by a virus, worm or trojan was in '96. It sure takes the required maintenance for Windows driven computers out of the equation. Computer manufactures think enough of Ubuntu that folks like Dell are selling and supporting Ubuntu Computers with their names on them.
Thanks for this very helpful review. I just may give it a try on my little netbook computer. Not ready to go whole hog on my work laptop just yet though I do use mostly open source software including that very nice MS Office compatible office suite. Why not just come out and name it. If people are going to try it out they'd also like to know what linux compatible software is out their to replace their Windows stuff.
Not likely to try Linux because I have a lot more apps than just office software, and most of them are designed only for Windows.

However, I do use Open Office all the time and it is a brilliant program. One thing it has that MS programs don't is the ability to save files in pdf format - which means that anyone with Adobe Acrobat (most computers) can read it - a lot easier than worrying about whether someone else has a version of Word that can open the file.

My only gripe about Open Office is that I find the help files distinctly unhelpful. Basically, it was written by geeks for geeks, and most of the time I find it easier to just experiment to find what I want.


I'm very sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience because a simple answer is available, just about 24/7 at "http://www.oooforum.org/". While it is true that some of the Linux software is written for Techs that is not true over all but is a very popular lie promoted by MS to stem the flow.

I have been promoting and using Ubuntu since '07 and have been steadily converting users to it ever since. If you think about it, 99.9% or better of the computer users in the world are not techs and yet the number two operating system is the rapidly growing Ubuntu/Linux. The reason for the rapid growth is not the cost factor, though it's free, nor is it because Linux does not have to have anti-virus and mal-ware maintenance weekly or go to the shop every six months. No, in spite of these real conveniences that have always been there people were not converting.

The reason Ubuntu is now the number two OS and is growing rapidly is the windows feel! People do not like the Command Line for running their computer. They want a point and click or GUI (Graphic User Interface) just like Windows, Ubuntu and Puppy and many other of the over two thousand flavors of Linux have the GUI (Gooey) interface. The main reason Ubuntu is so popular is the learning curve from Windows to Ubuntu is almost flat. The other reason is the multiple web sites with 24/7 free web support for the system.

A thing to never try, if you do not like the command line, is to install Windows on a Linux Machine, Windows is not friendly! But unlike Windows, Ubuntu installed on a Windows Machine automatically sets up a dual boot so that you are not trapped into just using Ubuntu.

In the case of the nightmare Windows Vista system, MS took steps to prevent the average user from installing Ubuntu/Linux but even that is easily defeated without the command line now. I suspect the truth about Vista is also true of & since it is just Vista with the XP kernal running along side but again, at linuxquestions.org and at the Ubuntu Forums people will help you out 24/7.