Other planet question

Other planet question

Hi all.

Just wondering (as a new christian myself) does the bible say anything about other planets??

Reason I am asking for is because its the most obvious question non beleivers ask me when I am talking to them, and I never know what to say. Also does it say anything bout life on other planets aswell??

thanks friends

If the Bible does, I have not seen any references to any other planets.

A lot of times people ask questions that the Bible really does not generalize. Expo planets included. I mean, if I were looking for something on...let's say, dogs I really wouldn't go to the Bible looking for a whole verse dedicated to dogs (though I wouldn't say they don't talk about dogs in the Bible :)).

And no, I do not know any verses that talk about life on other planets.

People ask a lot of interesting questions, especially non-believers. Sometimes we just have to face the fact that we do not have the answer for everything.


Hi Bazz,

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In an attempt to answer your question I will break it down into two sections.

Firstly on a theological point of view, the bible does not mention life on other planets. The bible only mentions life here on earth and in the spiritual realm of heaven and hades. The bible does state however that that one purpose of the stars and planets is simply to declare the greatness of God. Psalm 8. The other purpose of the stars and planets is for us to tell time and seasons, which man has been doing since ancient times.

Secondly on a spiritual point of view, many people search and believe in other alien life, simply because deep down inside they have a fear that we are all alone and basically everything is meaningless. So they believe in false things because it brings some kind of comfort to know that we are not alone. Also many people (I was one of them) dont like the idea of God because it means that they have to change their lifestyles and have faith in something they cannot see so they 'want to believe' in other life forms because it reinforces the idea that there is no God and that life suddenly sprung up and evolved here and on other planets. If you research the theories of alien life, you will see how closely they rely on the theory of evolution.

Now if we put aside the theory of evolution, then the question must be asked: Did God create life forms on other planets? Not many scientists ask this question, they assume that because they believe life just happened here it will happen somewhere else.

Gods word and authority does not mention other alien life forms at all.

If it where important to us then I am sure God would have told us about it. We have more important things to worry about right here than worry about some alien life form.

You can tell your freinds, that we are not alone on this planet. God is in control. All authority on this planet and in heaven belongs to Jesus Christ and the good news is that He loves us and wants us to come into a relationship with Him.

God Bless, I hope I have been of some help.
The bible doesn't say anything about other planets that I know of.

Does that mean that organisms "don't" exist on other planets? No, they sure could exist on other planets if you ask me.
The Bible says nothing about life on other planets: it doesn't say there aren't any, or cannot be any, but most christians believe life on other planets is not compatable with the Bible, as it would raise huge questions about the creation of life on earth, and Gods plan for it. The Bible does say a lot about so-called aliens though, they are pan-dimensional, supernatural beings called evil spirits, or 'powers of the air'. Planets aren't mentioned specifically, I don't think, but they are grouped together with stars, which the bible says quite a bit about. We know when they were created, according to Genesis, and one of the reasons why is to be signs to man.


The Bible does not say anything about extraterrestrial life.

That doesn't mean God did not create other worlds.....it means if He did, we have no need to know about them.

The Bible does not contain all knowledge, it contains all necessary knowledge of God's plan for mankind.

Be more specific

As far as what these people are asking about you will have to be a little more specific. Certainly the Bible mentions "the heavens" and what is contained therein. It doesn't mention specific ones except the moon of course.

The Bible is very earth-centric. It would seem that the only life that the Word acknowledges is that which is on earth. The Bible tells us that the universe was created for our benefit.

I do not believe that there is life out there besides the unseen spiritual world.