OUr Financial Security


OUr Financial Security

Our Financial Security
Matthew 25:14-28

Feeling safe is one of our basic human needs. Many people think they are financially secure until a little blip comes along in the economy or in their personal circumstances. Then the reality that they are vulnerable hits home. Contrary to what the world says, financial security is found not in a bank account or a retirement fund but in a relationship with the One who owns everything in heaven and on earth.
The Lord is not too busy running the universe to be concerned about your financial situation. The truth is, He cares about every detail of your life, including your need for economic security. By heeding His directions about how to acquire and use money, you can experience peace, contentment, and joy.
When it comes to finances, three basic truths should govern our thinking:

  • God owns it all.
  • We are managers of His possessions.
  • We are responsible and will one day give an account to Him about the way we used His resources.
True financial security comes only when we use God's money His way for His purposes. He alone knows the future and has the power to provide for our needs, whereas any personal financial strategies are backed only by human effort and wisdom.
Don't you want to experience the stability of internal peace, even during an economic earthquake? Trusting in the Lord's provsion and obeying His instructions will fill you with confidence when others are gripped with fear and uncertainty. Rest in the knowledge that He provides for His children.