Our True Calling As Christians And Issues Of The Day

First post here but I thought I would be interested in addressing some spiritual issues in our country mainly gay marriage but a variety of other topics. The gay marriage thing has been been more forefront for me lately with Rob Bell saying he supports it. Rob Bell has chosen to ignore scripture and support that which is sin. The problem he presents is that is we give on on one issue then we we will give in on another and another till we lose who we are. I will say this though I believe the fault is more within then it is outside.

If you’re truly living for God and are 100 percent committed to him he will show you the way and you will see undeniable proof of him. The problem with most church goers is we aren’t committed. I will give one statistics to help back this up as of 2005 we gave about 2.5 percent of our income to charity as an American church as a whole. The Bible says to give at least 10 percent without questions to others, Jesus ask us to be willing to give it all up for him. To make things worse we gave 3.3 percent during the Great Depression. Most people identify Christians as going to church we try to stay away from sin, and maybe attend the occasional mission trip or conference and that’s it. That obviously isn’t true 100 percent abandonment. If Christians truly lived as the Bible people wouldn't fall away but sadly we don’t live up to them. A 12 year old could read that and understand it easily. I’m including myself in this group as John Newton said it best” two truths exist, one is I’m a great sinner, two is Christ is a great savior.” But if we strive to let go then God will be faithful. The problem is that most people don’t strive they assume that they are Christians based on the ideals of the American Christian Church which obviously fall short of the teachings of the Bible and they stop trying to strive to be better. This lack of strive is what leads to the fall not the fact that God doesn’t exist so that’s why they stopped believing but the fact that they didn’t live like God existed so they eventually slipped because of that. I would challenge an atheist and my fellow believers this as well look at the Bible and what is required and tell me if you think most American church goers are truly Christians then examine yourself. Knowing the problem is the first step to curing it especially believers who read this ask yourself if we truly lived like we were asked what would the world be like. Obviously I see a lot with Christians trying to attack atheistic and gays mostly but the problem isn't them it’s within. Ask yourself this would Jesus attack those people? Last time I checked he died for and loved the same people who crucified him and hated them. He died for me and loved me even though I was and still am a sinner. Shouldn’t we do the same instead of talking about how much a sinner someone is because they are gay, support gay marriage, abortion, waiting till marriage, or don’t believe she we instead show love compassion and mercy instead? I will say this I don’t support gay marriage, atheist or anything that goes against the Bible but doesn't mean for one second I won’t show love and compassion to them any less than anyone else. To any believer reading this the problem is not what is outside of the church but more or less what is in the heart of most believers nowadays. We need to start living up to the true principles of what we preach and believe. It's not what you believe that counts it's what you believe enough to do that counts.
I would have to agree with that. It's too easy to blame others than it is to look at our own mistakes and try to improve. I like your post on Bell's views very well well said too bad more people don't see it that way. I actually attended Grand Valley university during Bells tenure at Mars Hill so I have a little personal experience with his views.