Our walk with Christ - Testimony for world

I was reading some online news section about the recent happenings in France. There was heavy criticism of muslims, as anyone can understand. I came across one very interesting comment from an atheist. I never realized that the world would look at Christians this way! As everyone might know, the comic author was not targeting just muslims. He had got Pope involved and made fun of Christians also. The comment from one guy made me think!

You know, our lives actually baffle them! They cannot understand how Christians are so tolerant. They can understand why muslims would behave this fashion. That does not puzzle them at all. But they cannot understand how Christians can bear all the persecution. After all, it was our God who called for destruction of Canaanites. They know what is there in the Bible. They see God only as a judge or someone who would punish one person and reward another person without any reason! But they are amazed why Christians would remain so tolerant with all the persecution going on.

The answer is very simple for us. Jesus taught us. But apparently they don't see that. They can't see that. I think that is the difference. When love of Christ shines in our lives, they certainly notice that. There is something about Jesus :D It was an encouragement to see how the world notices our lives. We should strive to be a better testimony to the world. Our actions are being watched by the world. Our behavior at work is watched by our non-believing colleagues. Something that we all should keep in mind.
It doesn't take much IQ to grasp the differences between Jesus and Muhammad.

Even if we bad Christians. The unsaved know / can tell us what Jesus would do. Its hardly rocket science to know the expected behavior of those who follow a God that gave His life for all.
It is ever those who's mind is engulfed in darkness to view love, kindness, and compassion as weakness. Tolerance of and love of our fellow man, including the lost, is always viewed as weakness. But I have to say that there is a time that comes when you have to overturn the money changer's tables or accept darknesses dominion. While I have tolerance for the adherents humanity, I have no more tolerance for Islam as a religion. Their idea of peace is submission to their false god.