Over-coming Fear(Part2)

Mat.10:29-32-'Are not two
sparrows sold for a farthing?
And one of them shall not fall
on the ground without your
Father.But the very hair of
your head are all numbered.Fear you not therefore,you are of
more value than many
From these words of Christ,I've
come to realise,God cares about
me,more than I can ever care,about myself.If He saw it
needful,to count the hair on my
head and attached a number to
them,inorder to keep an accurate
record of them,how much
more,will He take into account,my whole person.If He
so cared about something of
me,that I care less for,how
much more,will He care for
those things,I actually care for
and guard. Psalm121:3-He will not suffer
your foot to be moved:He that
keeps you,will not slumber...Even
while you and I are enjoying a
good night rest,God is keeping
vigil for our sake,all round the clock.If the Maker of all things,is
my security,what thing,shall I
fear?If the LORD is my strength
and my shield,what force,can
over-power me?If God be for
us,who can be against us?He that spare not His own Son but
delivered Him up for us all,how
shall He not with Him also freely
give us all things?(Rom.8:31-32)
The Word of God is quick and
powerful and sharper than any twoedge sword...(Heb.4:12);all
you need, to transform this
Word, to your sword of
judgement,against fear and all
other evil,is Faith.You have
access to this Word as a child of God,faith is what activates
the POWER in this Word.Presence
of fear in a Christian,is an
indication,that faith is absent
(Mat.14:25-31).To live like a
person,you will need to understand such person and
operate as that person.To be
Christ-like,you must understand
Christ and operate like
Him.Christ understood faith and
taught His disciples,faith,to the very end.How then can we be
His follower,without knowing and
having faith?
Don't say,'I am not worthy,I
have done this wrong and that
wrong,too many wrongs for a believer',who made you a judge?
You don't judge anyone,not
even yourself.God is the only
judge and He judges in
favour,of His people
(Rom.8:33).The fact that you are today saved,is not because you
did anything right,to qualify you
but the love God has for
you,from the beginning and it is
only right,to love Him back.To
love God back,is to get rid of all fears,in your life.There is no
fear in love;but perfect love
cast out fear because fear has
torment.He that fears,is not
made perfect in love(1John4:18).
I am not writing all these,that we may go on,living a careless
or carefree life,but that,we may
realise,we are humans and we
can make mistakes(mistakes are
not delibrate) and no amount of
mistakes can run out,God's love, for us because He loves us,so
much.You are His child and He's
your Father and you better
start getting used to this
fact.For what father,in his right
mind,would give up his only son,for the redemption of
slaves and servants?God gave
up His Son,Jesus Christ,to
redeem sons and
daughters,living in ignorance of
their true identity. Don't be imprisoned by fear,in
anything,rather,imprison fear,in
all things. To be continued.