Overheard in An Orchard

I’m not sure, but I think this poem is entitled “Overheard in An Orchard”, by Elizabeth Cheney. Anyway, I just wanted to share... I hope you enjoy and it goes something like this:

Says the robin to the sparrow

I should really like to know,

Why do anxious human beings rush around and worry so?

Said the sparrow to the robin

Friend I think that it must be,

That they have no Heavenly Father

Such as cares for you and me.
This is a lovely reminder of how the Bible instructs us to not be anxious for anything, and that if God cares even for the smaller creatures of his creation (sparrows feathers numbered), how much more will He care for us. We are taught that tomorrow will have worries of its own, and that no amount of worrying will add a single minute to our lives. At any rate, these are the thoughts that this lovely little poem inspired within me.

Thank you for sharing this.