Painting a bad picture.

Its treading on bad ground when we start judging personally what miracles are and are not of Spirit
and NEVER call it devils work if they are healed and the person says that its the Holy Spirit that healed them.
Its blasphemy and I wouldnt like to go there myself loll.
(I know that no one here has said that, but I think judging him is getting very close)

So its kinda a touchy subject for me to want to judge this guy at all.
What bugs me the most is how the man is taking advantage and living off of the peoples donations. The money thing bothers me. I think maybe the healed people don't stay healed because the preacher doesn't give credit or honor to God. It seems that maybe he is taking advantage of the people for his own personal need. After watching this, I've decided to stop watching Christian television... From what I have seen, there have been many teachers living off of donations for their own luxury. That bothers me.

I believe the people would stay healed if the man would honor God and humble himself and show that it isn't him that heals but God that does it. The man taking advantage of the people may be another reason why the healing don't stay or maybe the people don't seek God after. Maybe they take the healing and forget about God or don't recognize that it is God that did it and not that man. I don't know. I just found the video as interesting and I guess an eye opener to be more aware of preachers on television to be more careful.


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5. Unsubstantiated claims about any individual, including but not limited to teacher/preacher/pastor/minister/evangelist/media personality/political figure, etc.
ALL claims MUST be well documented.
I'm sorry if I broke a rule or judged him. I just feel sad how he is using the donations of the people how he is... I'm sorry. I will try to be more careful in the future.
Yes there is some issues with some things hes doing I think, but I cant work out what they are without passing judgement myself
So I am just gonna say "Yes there is somethings wrong" but the healing are from the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is defentily with him.
Remember we are all human and make mistakes - There is no reason the Holy Spirit wouldn't be with him just because hes made a few!
Let us pray that God works in him for the "better" what ever the better may be?
Also its a good point, would the healing stay without faith?

But please think how hard of a gift it really is to have.
Because some people look to the person for healing instead of the Gift the person has through the Holy Spirit..
I have seen it in the past, people coming from everywhere with "hope" of being healed by this "Awesome healer", they seem to be forgetting its the Gift they need to come for, not the person.
The best one I have seen is a global minster that is set out to reach people, he has the Gift of healing but does not say anything about it, and he wont use it for everyone, just the people God tells him to!
I did like his style, cant remember his name now.
God bless you


Suffice to say it is ok to weigh in on tele evangelists as long as we are respectful and you and I are all different and what the Lord impresses on one person's heart about some one may not be the same as another . I think we can all say we have our favourists that we watch and are blessed through their ministry so if people are getting saved and healed no matter how and no matter if we think it is not the right approach , I don't think we can critisize the method involved even if it is not traditional or the way we perseve . That is the way that God has instucted this individual and I am not saying I am for or against but just to say , we must let God have His way in each and every individual .

I have to say there are those who turn me off and I do not watch , but that is me and maybe not you . Blessings .
Gifts are just that, a free gift, and has nothing to do with the person. But a person's lifestyle is up to them. to grow and learn to walk in the spirit and nature of God.

The way one person ministers is not like another one does, and we all have our different preferences.

No one really knows a person's motives, we can't judge that or be suspicious and critical of them. If we do not agree about something we just pray for them

Many times people are healed but the person has not built their faith or has not been taught how to keep their healing, and then the enemy comes to steal their healing and puts it back on them. That does not mean God did not heal them. :)
If you fear that you have committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, dont because the fear of committing it is proof that you haven't.