Pan's Labrynth


Pan's Labrynth

Can't help myself. This movie was beautiful, a perfect example of why foreign films are so good. It blended history, folklore, and childish fantasy and emotion in a way that I won't soon forget.

Maybe it could be construed as paganistic, what with all the fairies and occult references, but it was all presented in a totally non-confrontational way and frankly it makes me a little sad whenever someone denounces everything as evil just because they'd rather insulate themselves from everything non-Christian.

Put simply, this movie was beautiful and I recommend it to anyone who won't be bothered by its considerable darkness (Which, by the way, added greatly to the experience for me.)
It's amazing how God makes us, huh?

Each with his own likes and dislikes. I know someone who likes to collect stamps. That sounds boring to me, but to hear him talk about stamps, he's very passionate about it! Whoo!:)

I like electronic gizmos and toys. Working out. Those things bore some people, but I can't get enough of it!:D

Pan's Labrynth was kind of creepy to me. It was like one of those nightmares I get from time to time, where I know I'm dreaming but I can't wake up. It was dusty and old to me. Made-up.

But that's how God made you - to be entertained by this type of movie. That's a gift! Rejoice in Him! Whoo-hoo!:p

For a while, I was really into the Hannibal Lecter movies. I'd rewind the parts where Lecter was playing with an educated mind and it would tickle me - "Oh, and senator! Just one more the suit!";)

People see beauty where other people may not. Just the way we're made, I guess. I say embrace those difference for Jesus' glory.

We're brothers and sisters in Christ.:D