Parenting Is Not For Cowards!

Parenting Is Not For Cowards!

Do you have a "war story" from your parenting?

My daughter Alli (who now is married) was 15 months old at the time. She would not speak to me for nearly a month! We asked her why, but she would not tell us why. When my mom was over she asked Alli why she would not speak to me. She turned her head and said "can't like a dad." We decided I would do everything for All including feeding, bathing and changing her. She finally began to speak to me again, but we NEVER figured out why she would not speak to me.

Another time she was naughty when I was leaving for work. I asked my wife to keep her in bed for 5 minutes for her disobedience. My wife called at 10:00 in the morning and asked me how seroius I was that she stay in bed for 5 minutes. I encouraged my wife to win this battle. She called back 5 minutes later to say that Alli had fallen asleep from the long battle.

I can report that Alli is still a strong willed girl, but God is using that in a very powerful way! Don't give up.

Do you have a story to share?
I have more than my fair share of strong willed children, but that's another story!
I dont think being strong willed is wrong, unless we are strong we could easily get led into all sorts of trouble.
I was very weak willed as a youngster, and I did get involved in lots I didnt want to.
I think we have to , with God's guidance, channel that strength of character into His plans for the childs life.
I believe He prefers that boldness and uncompromising spirit, to a weak one that doesnt know even what it wants to do.
In fact I think I started off as strong willed, but my parents broke that in me, it is only now with God's healing that I am beginning to realise that I can have an opinion and not be cared of what people think of me.
God gives us the right to be wrong!
May God be with you.

I can't say enough about Dr. Ray Guarendi.

He has written with wit and humor about raising children and all of the various permutations of discipline issue that go along with it!

I just finished his book "Discipline to last a lifetime" GREAT!

He has 10 adopted children from all kinds of social, ethnic, developmental backgrounds. His saintly wife homeschools them all.

If nothing else and you just need a funny pick me up - go to his web site and read some of his stuff.

Some of the many things he writes about are:

  • A Kid's Room: No Place for a House"I'm afraid to go in there without a wilderness survival kit and an oxygen mask; two of her sisters accidentally stumbled into her bedroom about a year ago and were never seen again."
  • Backlooks"Don't look at me in that tone of voice"
God bless you!