Pastor's Golf Story

Pastor's Golf Story

There was a pastor of a church who loved to golf. whenever he was not preparing a sermon or pastoring to the community, he was golfing..

one sunday morning he really feels the urge to go golfing, so he gets one of his assistant pastors to take care of the sermon and tells the assistant to inform the church that he was ill.

well the pastor drives off to a far off town so he wont be recognized and starts golfing.. an angel seeing all of this goes to God and says,
"God! do you not see this preacher? he skipped out on Church to go GOLFING of all things! i mean.. what are you going to do?"

God says, "be patient, just go back and watch the pastor and you will see."

the angel goes and watches the pastor as he tees up on the next hole..
the pastor hits the ball.......HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!!

the angel goes back to God and says,
"I thought you were going to punish him.. not reward him???"
God answers,"think about it. Who's he gonna tell?"
another Golf joke..dont ask why...

ok.. one day a profesional golfer died and praise God he was saved so he went to heaven. when he gets there an angel greets him and tells him to feel free to explore b/c. hey after all we do have eternity.

the golfer starts exploring heaven and quickly finds a golf course. he goes to the angel in charge and asks if he could golf? the angel tells him he cannot today. but he will schedule him to golf with Jesus at noon the next day.

the next day the golfer meets up with Jesus and they go golfing.. about the 7th hole they come up behind an old man. Jesus insists that we let the man play through.

the old man gets up to the tee.. swings his club.. and nails the golf ball.. but it was heading for a pond... just before the golfball went into the water a fish jumped out of the water cought the ball. an eagle cought the fish and flew toward the hole. when finally the fish dropped the ball and it went in the cup.. hole in 1.

Jesus just stands up and yells. "Nice shot Dad!"