Pcs Vs Macs

I do, I have a large client base of older folk who either refuse to or can't afford to upgrade their dinosaurs
One of my favorite OSs for lame machines is Puppy. It is small, small, small and will run on 32meg of RAM like a Zebra with a Lion 6" off it's rump. I also specialize in old folks and being only 68, this month, I, just, cannot understand why I appeal to them so much. (The grumpy old coot pulled his oldest Fedora with the three inch brim down to the top of his glasses, turned, walked a couple of steps before giggling.)
I now have PCBSD-ISOTOPE running. It is a freebsd 9.1 distro with a KDE desktop.
the version of konquerer that comes with it is slow and doesn't seem to work too good, but firefox is working fine.
Go Linux for your OS: The new Fedora 17 KDE seems nice-getting better reviews than Ubuntu, does have some initial update quirks. If you Like a windows OS, you might want to toy with an Ubuntu based Linux called Zorin. Just my opinion- there are lots of FREE Linux OS's to try.

I agree with building your own PC, much cheaper and better if you pay attention to the specs. I just built a dual-boot desktop system to run AutoCad for less than $600 that will cremate anything stock within the same price range.

You can buy just about any Laptop built within the last 2 years, throw Linux on it and it will probably smoke Windows.

I always end up at Tigerdirect.com
I wont touch fedora, last time I used it, it seriously screwed up my partition table and made me reformat my entire computer. Granted, I was using the beta version, but its turned me off to fedora. My dad used to be a redhat beta tester and he said he liked it, but i just cat get myself to try it again. I prefer OpenSuse or Mandriva.
I stayed away from Fedora for the last few years, I am still a Linux Noob, I guess you could say i am still 'Beta testing' the system. :)

But I get what your saying...