Peace to you all

Christ slept inspite of d storm but the disciples struggled with it,inorder to save their lives.If the Master didn't see the storm,a threat,that He slept,I believe,it was okay for everyone else,to sleep.But the fear of the situation at hand,overpowered the disciples,that they forgot,the Prince of Peace,who was in it, with them.
As a believer,see not your situation but God,who is in it,with you.For the more you focus on your situation,the more you're reminded,of how,impossible, it is,to overcome.Let your focus be on God and His things.Then,His focus will be on you and your things(Script.Mark4:36-41)
Welcome to the forum, Olaitan. Nice post! :)

I was reading something not too long ago that goes along with what you are saying. It said that if we really trust God the way we say we do, then why are we worried? On one hand the question sounds like an obvious statement... but how often do we say that we trust God, yet the whole time we are holding the reigns and trying to take control! How can God work, if we don't allow him? We must be willing to let go and let him take control.

I look forward to reading more of your posts on the forum.
Hello my brother from another mother. That is a good post :). As humans we tend to forget that God is in the storm with us at all times. This was a good reminder.
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