Pending Baptism.. Or not.

Pending Baptism.. Or not.

Hello Everyone~
It's been a long time since I've been back, please forgive me.:smiley40:

I'm not sure if this is the right section, but I need to discuss about baptism.
I've been a Christ follower since Jan 08 (not that faithful at times, O.O) but yes.

At first,when I was younger in the faith, I was just dying to get baptised, but now I'm a little hesitant.

1) My father explicitly stated that I am not to be baptized till after I get married (because he is under the assumption that I'd have to follow my husband's faith). However, I'm quite optimistic about getting around this as my father didn't used to allow me to go to church. (long story, I can expand on this if anyone asks)
But now I'm allowed to go to church every three out of four Sundays of the month. =D

2) This is the point that I'm more concerned about.. I find (through a brief discussion with one of the adults in my current church) that I'm not very willing to get baptized. I feel that I don't know enough about the faith to be baptized, and though I know that it's highly unlikely for me to ever find out EVERYTHING I need to know, I want to know a little more than just the basics.

Also, I think that getting baptized is akin to getting married, except it’s one bar higher.As opposed to marriage (non-traditional, aka modern), there’s no backing out of this. You get baptized, you’re recognized as a Christian no matter where you go, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t associate yourself as one. People still judge you, and the faith based on your actions and speech. You get a cert when you’re baptized, you don’t get one when you decide that ”oh oops. this isn’t working out for *insert own reason*” Thus, until I’m absolutely sure of the faith, and that my personal faith is built on nothing but the truth, and personal experience, I’m not going to get baptized.

Any advice? Sorry if it's too long.. :|
Hey, Amandaz. So good to see you back. This thread should help to answer some of your questions: I know that many churches tend to complicate what is really a simple thing. Some see baptism as a rite which they administer as an extension of their particular denomination. What baptism really is is a rite of testimony and declaration of one's having been born again into the family of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each church or denomination has its own particular methods, liturgy, etc for doing baptism and may attach additional things such as church membership or a certificate, but don't confuse the attachments or different means and methods with the essence of what baptism is and means. My wife and I were baptised in lakes by pastors of churches we were not members of. My brother has baptised people as a layperson. I know of another person who was baptised in his bathtub at home with a few close friends. Not all churches may recognize all of these baptisms, but all were performed in faith and in testimony and declaration of passed from death unto life in Jesus Christ. In all, the simple core elements were the same.

Baptism is a big step, and you are wise to give serious thought as to what it means. It is also a joyous celebration of identifying oneself as a child of the Living God, no longer dead in sin, but alive in Christ for all eternity. The only certification that really matters is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life. If I weren't such a stoic, that very thought would make me do a glory dance all over the house.

May God guide you in your decision making and fill your heart with His confidence and Joy and Peace in what you do.