Pentecost Again

Good morning,

I wanted to share my personal testimony within the context of a book I have written, Pentecost Again.

Introduction: In a certain city, there were two women, one poor, the other rich. Whereas, the rich woman’s life was characterized by goodness and success, the poor woman’s life was marred by a childhood molestation, insufficient rearing, and a lifestyle of sin. Although the poor woman wanted to be good, she could not seem to refrain herself from evil. There was a hunger in her heart, a longing for she knew not what, and she tried to fill that empty void in her soul with every ungodly thing until something amazing happened in her life.

Here is the link: again

Is it possible that with subtleness your post secretly persuades that the title of your book may become your stories divine protagonist?

Can a mere story coming from a pen about fiery power then move the heart to ponder supernatural rescue? If so you set us up to wonder with an intriguing offering.