People at school

People at school

Being the smallest kid in 7th grade alot of the other kids in 8th and 7th like to tease me about it and call me a midget even though if you had ever seen one you could tell that I wasn't. I don't know what to do besides tell teachers (useless) or beat them all (un-christian.) I tell them every day that it is anoying but it never helps. My height has made me moderately popular but it's making me mad.
It also doesn't help that every time I see the girl I like somebody says something about my heaight or I say something stupid...

It also doesn't help that every time I see the girl I like somebody says something about my heaight or I say something stupid...

The height issue will pass with time. But the saying stupid things around girls???
I can't help you there, freind. I'm 56 years old and been married for 38 years in May and I still stick my foot in my mouth on a fairly consistant basis.:blush:

But scripure has a bit of wisdom that might help you.

Ecc 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

God has a purpose for your situation and it won't last forever though I'm sure it feels like it now.

Sincerely His
I should be thanking everyone is this forum. If it ween't for this forum tomorow I would have hit every single person who said anything about that. I had decided that when I thought to ask you guys for advice.
I tell my sons all the time- the definition of cool is when you stop worrying what others say or think about you anymore- don't let them bug you brother- I think you are cool and as far as those others if you don't let it bug you they will quit-leave them in God's hands.
As far as girls remember they are just as nervous as you relax, smile ask them about themselves and they will respond to you- EVERYONE HAS SOCIAL ISSUES AND INSECURITIES BUT SOME ARE JUST BETTER AT HIDING IT. The supermodel being paid $1,000,000 to walk down the runway with people all over the world wanting her pictures is worried about being fat, wide hips etc- none of us are completely perfect- relax and be yourself you are a nice young man!
Ignoring them is tough, but that's really the best option. Sometimes a very quick wit can also help, but can backfire just as easily. Like everything, this situation can be made into a positive one. If you're able to laugh at yourself, not necessarily at the jokes others make, but if you can poke fun of yourself from time to time, others' opinions will change. The "coolest" people I know are very secure with themselves and are able to take a joke.

I'm not short, but have flaming red me, I was the easiest target in school. This all comes from experience.

As for the girls, there's an old expression that applies: "It's better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." In other words, don't feel like you have constantly be talking to impress them. Just be yourself and the situation will be fine.

Oh, and sharpen your video game skills...I'm starting to wipe the floor with your scores in the arcade...:p
You know, if I were you Pad, I wouldn't worry. When I was in eighth grade, I was the strongest kid in class. I had huge 13" biceps! I also had a nice set of pecs on me! I'm sure there are 14 year old boys bigger than that today, but back in my class, I was the biggest. Anyway, it was my best friend who got all the girls...he was almost the shortest kid in the class!!! He was what girls though of as attractive. So, being small or large has nothing to do with what girls (or anyone) will think of you. It's your disposition! My best friend had a good outlook on life and that's where true attraction comes from. From the heart!
Girls Fall In Love With And Marry The Nice Guy!

Hey Paddy!

Trust me buddy, I speak from experience! I ALWAYS liked the sweet, nice, funny and good guy, and from what I've seen of you, all of these things describe you. Here's a thought: Maybe those guys tease you because they know you've got the stuff they don't! Just be the nice guy who's not just thinking about himself and his pecs all the time, but is thoughtful and respectful to the girls, and you'll have more dates than you can handle.;) Am I right guys? Back me up, will ya...:p

P.S to Paddy
And just as an example to encourage you(I don't know how nice of a guy he is...), Tom Cruise is 5'7" I think and look at the girls he's been with! Oh, and by the way, I know of some guys that were short when they were your age and by the end of High school they grew to be 6 feet tall!:cool:
No Problem actually I was going to rent a bus a round up everyone here at CFS and do beat up on those kids who are giving you a hard time-LOL!
Trust me...violence only begets violence. I was an outcast all through school and also had an abusive home life. You must trust in yourself and in God. With him, all things are possible.
amen to all the good posts....

I have often reflected on the significance of a person's height, I am neither short nor tall, being very average at 5' 11''.... I mean, what does it really mean to be proud of one's height anyway? Is a person superior simply because of how tall they are? If so, then all the kids who are bothering you about your height must also be inferior to people like Shaq.... who is himself inferior to those (few!!) other people who are taller than him!!!! According to their criteria (taller = better) Yao must be an even better person than Shaq!!! And Robert Padlow at 8 ft 11 must be the greatest person ever!!! lol!!!! Its downright silly when you think about for even a minute!! The same thing goes for physical strength.... there is always someone out there who is stronger, faster, badder, etc..... people who think they are superior to someone else simply based on their natural height, strength, or ability to fight, all operate on a very superficial primitive basis... we are not cave men.... a person's being taller than me does not say anything about their character at all.... when I was in boot camp we had to go to the gas chambers and experience tear gas.... we were instructed to properly put on our gas masks, and then instructed to enter the gas chamber and take them off once the gas flooded the chamber....... and then we had to sing happy birthday to the drill instructor or give our social security number or recite the alphabet or something inane.... the point being we had to keep our heads and be cool and think straight even under the pressure of having one's vision nearly taken away, the burning on all the exposed skin, and the immediate release of all sinus fluid (gross!! lol)..... and who would have thought it but that the biggest strongest guy out of 4 platoons broke down and cried like a baby, panicked, and literally broke down the door to the gas chamber in order to get out!!! After the drill instructors were done pummeling him, he lost the respect of everyone in the 4 platoons because we all learned what kind of person he was inside that day... sure he was big and strong, but when it came down to it, he did not have the internal discipline and lack of fear in that environment that was necessary to be a good Marine...

another example of the height thing being no factor as to character was exemplified in Viet Nam.... there were these little guys they called "tunnel rats".... these were some of the bravest men I could think of... they had to be physically small like the Viet Cong in order to go into the tunnels, and had to be incredibly brave to go into these unknown tunnels with trip wires, pitch blackness, enemies could be right in front of your nose and you might not know it until it was too late!!!!.. these guys carried out incredibly important and dangerous missions.... and they were the smallest guys in the platoons....

so in the end, being prideful at how tall you are is like being proud of the color your eyes.... what did a person ever do to warrant being proud at the color of their eyes? the eyes they have were given to them by God, and it is just the same with a person's height.... the tall person has no more reason to think they are superior to another person because of their height then they are about the color of their eyes or or natural color of their hair... they did nothing to get these things, therefore there is nothing to be proud (or ashamed) about regarding their physical traits....

I am sensitive to this issue because my son is extremely gifted musically.... and he and I talk a lot about how he has no right to think himself better than someone else because of his musical ability and he has to strive to remain humble when things musical come so easy for him and he sees almost everyone else in the school having to strain to learn this or that piece of music.... he did nothing to get that ability, therefore this ability is not an "accomplishment" which someone could be proud of as far as attaining it by effort.... there was no "attaining" it at all, no effort went into getting it, which is just the same for height, eye color, natural hair color, whatever.... therefore it is nothing to be proud or ashamed of....what he DOES with that ability.... well, that is something else entirely.... it could all be wasted if he does not work hard to make the most of his gift!!!..... but being proud of an accomplishment does not mean being prideful, for even in the things we have to exercise effort at attaining, this also comes by the grace of God giving the ability to carry out this or that task, so in the end, there is no room for pride in the negative sense for any reason at all, let alone being prideful because of the distance between one's feet and head!!!!!.....