Perry Stone

Sep 7, 2019
North Carolina
Humans today do not posses the same prophetic authority through being an apostle of Christ himself.
Therefore I do not endorse his teachings, for to me personally he places himself as an equal to the chosen of our savior.
If anyone can harvest bites of learning and truth, let it be from scriptures themselves and not from man.

I will humbly disagree with his teachings.
Feb 10, 2015
My wife likes Perry Stone. I think he would benefit from doing simple outlining to prepare for his talks

He gets close to saying something and then starts distressing then his digressions have digressions. It begins to be too many thoughts half said. Sometimes he gets back and finishes his point but often not.

When He was discussed at a local mens Bible study, I found that most my brothers there agreed.

So I watch along with my and I try to follow, but I find other tv preachers more effective.