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The staff at CFS has observed numerous requests recently by new members for real world assistance, analysis and advice regarding personal relationships.

CFS has members from around the world and due to international liability regulations, Forum Rule 3.2d was put in place to prevent members from giving real world advice to other members - advice that might be unsuitable or wrong and cause harm for particular situations.

Some new members have ignored Rule 3.2d and as a result, the staff has had no option but to remove the "Marriage and Personal Relationships" section of the forum. If members were to offer advice or clinical type analysis and the member receiving that information is harmed in any way by that information, the Forum could be held liable to some degree for allowing the advice to be posted.

If any member requires advice or consultation, please seek professional assistance in your own home area rather than in any on-line forum. We will allow members to post very limited, brief, generic personal situations in the Prayer Request area without naming names or going into detail, and prayer will be offered for that situation, but not analysis, suggestions or advice. Rule 3.2d will be strictly enforced.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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