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What is God?

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Or that's what I post on dating sites, not that I'd ever actually go for anyone on one of those. Yet snarkiness and philosophy are definitely things to look for in a man, and intellectualism as well.

I need someone who is smart and can reason out all the inconsistencies of Christianity to convince me that it's legitimate. Or, help me reason them out for myself. I want some sort of religion; something to live for, because right now I have nothing and that's not making me happy at all. I guess I just need a friend who's willing to go deeper in a conversation beyond sex, drama, work, and how much other people suck. I want someone who will talk to me about the essence of meaning itself.

I guess for now I'll stalk the forums and read and post, see what you all do on here. I hope it's not too dumb; there's a lot of naivety and ignorance in the Christian community. I know so; I've been in it and have been a very close observer. But anyway... that's why I'm on here. I guess maybe I could read some C.S. Lewis or something if this doesn't work. :/


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C.S. Lewis is a good place to start, not so much a great place to end.

Remember, the thing about Christianity as a religion, is that anyone can call themselves a Christian. Anyone can read the Bible and take away from it what they want. There is no restriction preventing that.

The list you posted listed a lot of new-age references to a "thing", but not one of them is a really good description of God. What we know of God, we know through observation of what God created, and through studying the Bible. For instance, God is love. We can study this and see how this would be. First, the Bible tells us that God is love. If we love, then we know God. If we don't, then we've never met Him. We also know that God is Creative. In fact, God is quite complex, much more complex than we are.


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God is rather hard to describe, too many terms apply.
He is eternal, His existence exceeds all of creation but is not part of the creation.
He is all-knowing, being superior to reality He has awareness of all of it.
He has "personhood" and has emotions which parallel ours to a great extent.
When it is stated that we are made in His image, that means that we have intellect, awareness, and emotion
somewhat like He does (has nothing to do with arms/legs/eyes etc).
He described Himself as "I am that I am".
He has taken enough interest in us to go to the bother of spending 30 or so years as a man
in one of the less pleasant parts of the world and allowed Himself to be tortured and murdered
so that we could get a "get out of Hell free card".

BTW - you will here much nonsense from many about the nature of Hell and Judgement.
Hell is for those who cannot stand the idea of living with God, it is that simple.
If you will work with Him, He will work with you.

You can also happily ignore the rules that many with throw at you, mainly the "you must believe/do this to be saved".
The "Gospel" is this -> "Jesus the Christ died so that we might be saved".
Know that He died for your mistakes, get baptised, and work on your salvation with prayer and humility.
If you come to God with an open mind and humble heart He will open a whole new world for you.
Hi and welcome!!

If you seek you will find!! We only have ourselves to blame for not knowing the truth;)!!

I want to tick all the boxes except the 3rd in my vote.