Phil's Prayer

May 8, 2008
Phil's Prayer

Hey guy's anyone listen to Phil Vassar's Prayer of a common man album? It's probably the softest country album I've heard in years, I love the instrumentation in it. My favorite song is love is a beautiful thing. It's such a pleasent song. I'm sure he has fans here so tell me what you think of his album or him in general. here's his myspace page

Dec 23, 2007
Homeward Bound
Pretty sure it was an advertisement but all but makes me hurl!! :sick: Sorry. Don't mean any disrespect but I fight depression as it is and don't think there's many uplifting messages in country music.

I've got friends in low places...

Oh, lonesome me....

I'm so lonesome I could cry

Your cheatin' heart

He stopped loving her today....

Cryin' in the rain....

Lovesick blues....

You aint woman enough to take my man.....(oy vay!)

Don't it make my brown eyes blue?...

And the all time fave :

There's a tear in my beer...

I know, I know that not ALL country music is so depressing.......but a majority of it is and I'm just not one of those people who like to have that hopeless downcast spirit poured into my ears!