Phoenix Mars Rover Lands in Martian Arctic

Mar 20, 2008
New England - CT
I'm Sorry. Did I offend you? That wasn't my intention. ... It wasn't an assumption about you. It was a rhetorical question about your statement. The logical retort to your apparent conclusion.

My point was that there are a lot of theories floating around. These are just a few. People are free to believe whatever they want. But, I'm not going to get my knickers in a twist worrying about it. Because what people "believe" has no bearing on what is, or what will be. So, talking about it, is just conversation, nothing more.

Nothing I said was every about you, buddy. Sorry if you took it personally. I'm sure if we were face to face, you would get the rhythm of my banter, better. This is just the way I discuss philosophical theoreticals. You (the proverbial, not the personal you) throw something that you think is pertinent into the conversation, and I counter it with something that is different, and will more than likely make you think outside the conforms of your own viewpoint. ;)

After all, everything "we" think or believe boiles down to nothing more than "opinion" anyway. Nothing whatever can be proved, no matter how vehemently it is supported or argued.
Ah. I forgive you. :) I thought that you were referring to me, personally and I thought you were suggesting that being on Earth would be a pre-condition for a saved person to be raptured (What a far-out argument hahahah, but wouldn't that also exclude Christian astronauts doing a space walk on the day of rapture?) and that being on another planet would then put less emphasis on the second coming.

Very interesting discussion though. :)