this song makes me cry, i can relate to it so much its crazy. the whole band is cool, the bands called nickelback, they're from canada. they also have a song called "if everyone cared" that is just so amazing, the part that just sends chills up your spine is when chad kroger goes "amen i, amen i'm alive" here are the lyrics, if you liek the lyrics go to youtube and check out the videos to bolth


(verese 1)

take a look at this photograph, everytime i do it makes me laugh, how did are eyes get so red? and what the hell is on joey's head? adn this is where i grew up, looks the present owner fixed it up, i never knew we went without...a seccond floor is hard for sneaking out. and this is where i went to school, mos tof the time had better things to do, criminal record say's i broke in twice, i must have done it half a dozen times, i wonder if its too late? shoudl i go back and try to graduate?, life's better now than it was back then, if i was them i woudlent let me in, oh oh oh...oh god i


every memory of looking out the back door, i have the photo album spread out ont he bedroom floor, its hard to say it time to say it, good bye...good bye X2


remember the old arcade? spent every dollar that we ever made, the cops hated us hangin' out, they say somebody went and burned it down, we used to listen to the radio, and sing along to every song we know...we said someday we'd find out how it sing to somthing other than the steering wheel. kims the first girl i kissed, i was so nurveos that i nearly missed, she's had a couple of kids since then, i havent seen her since god knows when, oh oh oh...oh god i!


i miss that town, i miss they're faces, cant erase it, cant replace it, i miss it now, i cant believe it, so hard to stay, too hard to leave it (guitar solo)
if i coudl relive those day's, i dont know one thing that would never change,