Pianos- Requesting Advice

I have always wanted a piano, since I was a little kid. My dad was a trombone player in the Navy band, so we were guided into the wind instruments, for some reason my parents didn't want a piano in the house. I'm a proficient player of saxaphone, flute, and clarinet, as well as a classically trained vocalist. I can read music.

Now that I'm an adult, I would really like to teach myself piano.

There are a ton of free uprights to be had on craigslist for free, but I'm concerned about how playable they will be. I don't know anything about piano maintenance.

Can anyone here guide me about what the true cost of a free piano might be? What to look for when looking at them?

Any help would be appreciated.


Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
They aren't free. You have to consider the cost of getting it properly tuned if you want a perfect piano. I have my own keyboard, but I am teaching myself by the traditional play it by ear method. Hope this helps.
Thank you.

I realize there will significant cost of ownership.

I was looking for someone with experience in the costs of tuning and maintenance to give me an idea what I might be looking at.

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
Maybe go online. I also have a blind friend that went to piano tuning school, and if you would like his email address, I can give it to you, and you can talk to him about it, and see what he says about it.