Plain Soap As Effective As Antibacterial But Without The Risk

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Yup .... I read that too .... amazing what all these companies push and people fall for it all thinking it was good. Every one wants a peice of the pie .That's advertising for you.

Plain old soap and water that's what they taught us way back in nursing school .... :D:D

Same as all the pharmachedical (Spelling) companies want doctors to push all these pills ( and don't get me wrong here ) but a lotof them are unnecessary and I have seen pts come into hospital with pages of meds ... oh..... have to take this one cause it counteracts that one ..oh.... have to take this one to prevent side effects from that one and so on and on it goes .

Doctors ( at least in Canada) get kick backs for the pharmachedical companies.
Personally, I love the way those commercial antibacterial soaps smell in some of the public bathrooms (the ones that are pink and have that really good smell...), but I have seen that after using them my hands would be stripped of the oils (you know, those oils that keep your skin hydrated), and the skin would be rough and dry.

I use organic bar soap now, because I have a tendency to get drier skin than most people. I use lots of oilve oil and shea butter (but no chemicals, please, I have sensitive skin...:D) to keep myself from turning into jerkey.