Playing with Fire

When I was younger I once saw a "ghost". In the days before I was saved I was fascinated with "ghosts" and "spirits". I regularly watched a guy on TV by the name of John Edwards who communicated with the departed. I even attended a spiritualist fare once and joined an audience where one of these mediums "communicated with the dead". I was an atheist in those days, but even then didn't want to involve myself with things that were considered "evil". I read a book that John Edwards had written and throughout he talks about his gift and about how received this gift from "God" and it made it seem "not evil" if you know what I mean. Many of these people sucker Christians into these things because they hide it in a guise of being "spiritual". By the way; I now know that I have never seen or experienced a "ghost" but rather a demonic force.
The sad thing about people who present themselves to the world as 'mediums' is that they do not realize that they are dabbling with evil. They honestly think their 'gift' is from God, but the truth is that they have been fully deceived by the father of lies. In the meantime their antics pull more people into believing in the occult, so the harm that their ignorance causes goes well beyond just themselves. so when they start televising this stuff into millions of homes, it is simply a vehicle used by the evil one to reach the minds of many. And lately, there has been a huge upsurgence in the popularity of this sort of show, so not only is it sad, but extremely dangerous.