Please help me to post articles

Please help me to post articles

Dear sir,
please permit me to post the articles as bible discuss..
i am failing to go to the forum to post my writting
please help me
thank you

Pastor Gary

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Victor - welcome back to CFS. You have been a member here since June 2008 and it's nice to see you here again after so long.

There are forum levels of participation for all members. As you join in with fellowshipping and discussions, the more you post, the more that forum features open up for you. The features are automatically controled by the forum software. Just be patient and join in our forum topics and discussions and soon, you will be able to post in new locations.

We would just like to mention that it would be best if you re-read our Regulations and the Survival Tips for New Members located in these two locations:

Thank you. :)

Pastor Gary

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Hi bible learner

I hope to see you post in other areas in the mean time. Its exciting to see people here from India and other countries.

Same here. Welcome back brother:smiley10: Hey can you tell a happy motorcycle rider?...........By the bugs in his teeth!!!!:smiley10::smiley10::smiley20:

Your brother Chili